Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies

The ‘Journal of Islamic Jerusalem Studies’ (JIJS) is a distinctive and unique journal in the field. In winter 1997 the Management Committee of the Islamic Research Academy (ISRA) published the first issue of the journal. The Journal is published yearly, so far fifteteen issues have been published. JIJS is the first and the only refereed scholarly journal that is dedicated to the academic study of Islamicjerusalem. The Journal publishes articles, documentations, reports, review articles and book reviews.

The Journal has opened up a new area of specialisation in Islamicjerusalem studies with original articles addressing Islamicjerusalem from a wide range of subjects in this area. Addressing a gap in the published periodical literature, JIJS especially seeks to encourage research into historical, theological, empirical, theoretical, conceptual or cultural themes and topics. As such, this journal will be essential reading for all those who study the Middle East and the Muslim World.

JIJS aims to provide a forum for scholars working on the subject and all those who wish to enhance their appreciation of any aspect of Islamicjerusalem, including Islamic Studies, History and Archaeology, Art and Architecture, Literature's and Linguistics, Geography and Geology, Environment and Politics, and other disciplines. The journal tries to advance the study of the significance and the centrality of Islamicjerusalem  to the Islamic Faith and Muslim identity. To promote better understanding of the region, the journal will also include scholarly contributions studying relations between Muslims and non- Muslims, past and present, in Islamicjerusalem.


Below are all issues of journals published since 1997; they can be accessed on the following link:

Volume 17, Number 2: Winter 2017

In Turkish

  • The (un)sharing of the Holy Sepulchre and Bethlehem: 19th Century Armenian-Syriac disputes in Jerusalem

İbrahim Özcoşar

  • The visit to Islamicjerusalam in the “Makkan Safarnameh” by the guest of Sultan Abdulhamid II, the Prince of Iran, Hussam al-Saltanah (1297-98/1880-81)

Esra Doğan Turay

  • The Theme of Jerusalem in Turkish Literature

Mustafa Öztürk

In Arabic

  • The Educational Activities of non-Muslim minority schools and foreign schools in the District of Jerusalem as recorded in the yearbook (Salname) of the Ottoman ministry of education in 1317AH/1899CE

Hafida Ben Dahman


Volume 17, Number 1: Summer 2017

In Turkish

  • Attempts of Jewish immigration to Palestine during the time of Abdulhamid II and Oliphant’s request for a Zionist Colony


  • Educational Instutions and Their Activities in Islamicjerusalem During Ottoman Period

Feyza Betül KÖSE

  • Management and Staff Employment Policies of the Awqaf at the Magharibah Neighborhood in Islamicjeruslaem During the 18th Century

Şerife Eroğlu MEMİŞ

In Arabic

  • The Charitable Foundation in the Ottoman Period: Al-Imara al-Amira in Islamicjerusalem and its impact on Social life


Volume 16, Number 2: Winter 2016

In Turkish

  • The Jewish population of the District of Jerusalem in the First Century of the Ottoman Administration:

Mustafa ÖKSÜZ

In Arabic

  • The Formation of foreign influence in Islamicjerusalem during the period of Muhammad Ali Pasha

Muhammed ILHAMI

  • The Status and Rights of Minorities in the Ottoman State: An Examination of Decrees as a model for security, tolerance and protection policies

Mohamed Ali BIOUD

  • Islamicjerusalem in the Turkish – Israeli Relations


Volume 16, Number 1: Summer 2016

In Turkish

  • Salah al-Din's Treaty with the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem in the Year 576/1180:


In English

  • The Inclusivity of Islamicjerusalem and its Model for Multiculturalism:


In Arabic

  • The Writings on the Virtues/ Fadail of Islamicjerusalem and its role in the Educational Movement and Countering the Crusades

Mohamed Ali BİOUD

  • Towards the Creation of a Societal Knowledge on the Issue of Islamicjerusalem

Wael Abdelhamid AL-MABHOUH and Nael AL-DAHASHAN

Volume 15, Number 1: Summer 2015

In English

  • The Quranic Prophecy of the Defeat and Victory of the Byzantines:


In Turkish

  • The Glad Tidings of the conquest of Islamicjerusalem in the context of Sura Rum; The symbolic (Ishari) exegesis of Ibn Barrajan:

Abdulmuttalip ARPA

  • Salah al-Din's Treaty with the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem in the Year 581/1185:


In Arabic

  • The Rhetorical Impact of the Prophetic Hadith in Connecting the Companions to Islamicjerusalem

Karim Farouk ELKHOLY

Volume 14, Number 1: Summer 2014

In English

  • Selected Qur’anic Verses on Islamicjerusalem and their Exegesis:


  • The Umayyads' Attitude Towards the Christian Sacred Sites in Islamicjerusalem:


In Arabic

  • A reading into the first sermon after the liberation of Islamicjerusalem during the time of Salah al-Din

Karim Farouk ELKHOLY

  • The Integration of Knowledge and Politics and its Impact on the second conquest of Islamicjerusalem

Anas Zahir AL-MASRI

Volume 13, Number 1: Summer 2013

In English

  • The second mosque on earth that Islamicjerusalem forgot: Revealing the ancient Al-Aqsa mosque:

Haithem F. Al-Ratrout

  • Executive aspect of the Muslim concept of sovereignty a critical analysis on Umar's Assurance of aman to the people of Aelia:

Aminurraasyid Yatiban and Fatimtuzzahra Abd Rahman

  • In the shadow of the 'Arab Spring': The Historical pivotal role of Egypt in Liberation and preserving Islamicjerusalem:

Maher Y. Abu-Munshar

  • Introducing the new terminology of Islamicjerusalem and its field of inquiry:

Abd Al-Fattah M. El-Awaisi

In Arabic

  • The practice of Shura by the Muslim Brothers in Palestine: The Case of Islamicjerusalemby:

Nizar Abd al-Aziz Ramadan

Volume 12, Number 1: Summer 2012

In English

  • Christian holy sites in Islamicjerusalem under the muslim rule:

Nour Abu Assab

  • Towards a geopolitical understanding of Islamicjerusalem during the Ayyobid period:

Sara El-Awaisi

  • Archaeology and architecture of Islamicjerusalem problems and approaches:

Haitham Al-Ratrout

  • Islamicjerusalem in the writings of Heribert Buss:

Rana Abu-Mounes

Volume 11, Number 1: Summer 2011

In English

  • The modern image of the Holy Land: Through the manuscripts of some Christian missionaries:

Paolo Maggiolini

  • Orientations and orientalism the governor Sir Ronald Storrs:

Ilia Xypolia

  • Louis massignon and Jerusalem: A personal point of view: Ceccarini Francesca
  • Orientalists view on the night journey: An analysis:

Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor

  • Orientalists and israeli scholars' portrayal of muslim treatment of non-muslims in Islamicjerusalem:

Maher Y. Abu-Munshar

  • Orientalist approches to Islamicjerusalem: A critical study of the religious and political agenda:


  • Serving the zionist scheme, dissemination distorted information about Islamicjerusalem:


In Arabic

  • Underestimating the Holiness of Islamicjerusalem in the Quran and Hadith by Israeli Orientalists:
  • Hasan A. Silwadi

Volume 10, Number 1: Winter 2009

In English

  • Islamicjerusalem the first qiblah:

Fadi Al-Rabi

  • Islamicjerusalem and the first Qur'anic prophecy: A study of the first verses in chapter 30 'AL-RUM':

Abdallah Marouf Omar

  • Book Review: Geographical Dimensions of Islamicjerusalem (Khalid El-Awaisi):

Lubaba Qasim

  • Book Review: Turkish Jerusalem (1516-191 7): Ottoman Inscriptions from Jerusalem and Other Palestinian Cities (Mehmet Tütüncü): Sara El-Awaisi

In Arabic

  • History of Clocks in the City of Jerusalem During the Ottoman Period:

Bashir Barakat

  • Family Endowments in the City of Jerusalem During the Ottoman Period:

Muhammad Mahafzah and Mahmoud Al-Ashqar

  • Document: The new field of Inquiry: Islamicjerusalem Studies 1994-2024

Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi

  • Book Review: The Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque:

Mohammad Ghosheh and Abdallah Marouf Omar

  • Book Review: An Introduction to Studying Al-Aqsa Mosque:

Abdallah Marouf

Nour Abu Assab

Volume 9, Number 1: Summer 2008

In English

  • Islamicjerusalem as A Model for Multiculturalism and Cultural Engagement:

Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi

  • The Attitude of Christians Towards the First Muslim Fath (conquest) of Islamicjerusalemby:

Maher Y. Abu-Munshar

  • Christian-Muslim Relations: The Archaeological Evidence:

Robert Schick

  • Armenians in Islamicjerusalemby:

Jacob G. Ghazarian

In Arabic

  • Internal Trade in the City of Jerusalem:

Muhammad Al-Hizmawi

Volume 8, Number 1: Summer 2007

In English

  • The Land of (Amal) Hope: Discussion of the Prophet Muhammad’s Plan for Islamicjerusalem:

Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi

  • The Names of Islamicjerusalem in the Prophetic period:

Khalid El-Awaisi

  • Islamicjerusalem as a Model for Multiculturalism: Preliminary Study:

Mahmoud Mataz Kazmouz

  • The Institutional Development of the New Field of Inquiry of Islamicjerusalem Studies within British Higher Education: 1998 – 2004:

Aisha Al-Ahlas

  • Book Review: Mapping Islamicjerusalem: A Rediscovery of Geographical Boundaries

Khalid El-Awaisi Maher Y. Abu-Munshar

In Arabic

  • The Awqaf/ Endowments for Quranic recitation in Al-Aqsa Mosque:

Zuhair Abdul-Latif

  • Book Review: Mapping Islamicjerusalem: A Rediscovery of Geographical Boundaries

Khalid El-Awaisi and Aisha Al-Ahlas

Volume 7, Number 1: Summer 2006

In English

  • lslamicjerusalem: The Land of the Night Journey and Ascension:

M Roslan M Nor

  • Towards the Conquest of Islamicjerusalem: The Three Main Practical Steps Taken by Prophet Muhammad

Abdallah Ma’rouf Omar

  • Muslim Women: Active Agents in Demonstrating the Significance of Islamicjerusalem:

Sarah Mohamed Sherif Abdel-Aziz Hassan

  • BOOK REVIEWS: Introducing Islamicjerusalem:

Abu-Munshar , Alhagi Manta Drammeh , Mohamad Roslan Mohamad Nor , Abdallah Marouf Omar.

  • PhD Thesis and MLitt Dissertation Titles In Islamicjerusalem Studies

In Arabic

  • BOOK REVIEWS: Introducing Islamicjerusalem:

Maher Abu-Munshar , Aisha Al-Ahlas , Abdallah Marouf Omar

Volume 6, Number 1: Summer 2005

In English

  • Islamicjerusalem: A new Concept and Definitions

Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi. pp. 3-18.

  • The Founder of the New Field of Inquiry of Islamicjerusalem Studies: Background and Methodology

Aisha Al-Ahlas and Sara El-Awaisi. pp. 19-42

  • The Muslim Concept of Sovereignty: Islamicjerusalem during the First Muslim Conquest as a Case Study

Aminurraasyid Yatiban. pp. 43-82

  • The Position of Islamicjerusalem in the Negotiations between Sultan Salah al-Din and King Richard I “the Lion-Heart”

Maher Abu-Munshar. pp. 83-108

  • Political, Social and Religious Changes in Islamicjerusalem from the First Muslim Conquest to the End of Umayyad Period (637-750 CE)

Fatimatuzzahra Abd Rahman. pp. 109-166

  • Geographical Boundaries of Islamicjerusalem

Khalid El-Awaisi. pp. 167-199

In Arabic

  • Al-Masjid al-Aqsa fi al-'Athar al-Qur'aniyah (Al-Aqsa Mosque in Quranic Archaeology)

Haitham al-Ratrout. pp. 1-32

Volume 4/5, Number 1: Winter 2001   

In English

  • The Problematic Concept of Sovereignty and the Question of Jerusalem

Mahdi Zahraa. pp. 1-36.

  • Review: The First Three Volumes of the Journal

Serena Murray. pp.37-44

In Arabic

  • Al-Khayārāt al-Muqtaraha liWad‘ Bayt al-Maqdis Fī al-Taswiyah al-Nihā’iyah: Dirāsah Fiqhiyah (Proposed options for the status of Jerusalem)

Anas Abu-Shadi. pp. 1-24.

  • Bayt al-Maqdis Fī Daw’ Fikrat Dār al-Islam wa Dār al-Harb (Proposed options for the status of Jerusalem)

Muhammad Salim al-Awa. pp. 25-36.

  • Al-Umam al-Mutahidah wa al-Wad’ al-Iqlīmī  Ghayr al-Mashrū‘ Fī Bayt al-Maqdis (The United Nations and the Illegal Regional Situation in Jerusalem)

Muhammad al-Sa’id al-Daqaq. pp. 37-54.

Volume 3, Number 2: Summer 2000

In English

  • Umar's Assurance of Safety to the people of Aelia (Jerusalem): A Critical Analytical study of the Historical Source.

Abd Al-Fattah El-Awaisi. pp. 47-89.

  • Documents: Introduction. The 1999 Conference.

Sir Cyril Townsend. pp. 47-89.

  • Documents: Opening Address: Jerusalem and the Peace process, The 1999 Conference.

Tony Lloyd MP. pp. 47-89.

In Arabic

  • Al-‘Uhdah al-‘Umariyah: Dirāsa Naqdiyah Tahlīliyah Lil Masāder al-Tārīkhiyah: (Umar's Assurance of Safety: A Critical Analytical study)

Abd Al-Fattah El-Awaisi. pp. 34-66.

  • Al-Bu‘d al-Hadārīal-‘Arabī al-Islamī li Qadiyat Bayt al-Maqdis:

Abd Al-Fattah El-Awaisi. pp. 67-76.

  • Al-Injāz al-Akādīmī al-Hadārī al-‘Ālamī ‘an Bayt al-Maqdis: Majma‘al-Buhūth al-Islamiyah:

Abd Al-Fattah El-Awaisi. pp. 77-94.

  • Bayt al-Maqdis Fī Khatar: al-Quds Bayn al-Tahwīd wa al-Tams li Hadāratihā al-‘.Arabiyah al-Islamiyah:

Abd Al-Fattah El-Awaisi & Aisha Al-Ahlas. pp. 95-123.

Volume3, Number 1: Winter 1999

In English

  • Christian Perspectives on Jerusalem.

Michael Prior. pp. 1-26.

  • Jerusalem and Christian-Muslim Relations: the Contemporary Context.

Duncan Macpherson. pp. 27-42.

In Arabic

  • Mu‘āmalet al-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah li Ghaīr al-Muslimīn-al-Quds Namūthjan (Treatment of Islamic states to non-Muslims: Jerusalem as a model).

Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Buti. pp. 1-15.

  • Al-‘Alāqah Bayn al-Muslimīn wa al-Masīhiyn Fīal-Quds Khilāl al-Fath al-Islami al-Awal (Relationship between Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem during the first Islamic conquest).

Shafiq Jaser. pp. 17-30.

Volume2, Number 2: Summer 1999

In English

  • Jerusalem: the Central Point of Saladin's Life.

Faris Glubb. pp. 49-73. 

  • The Significance of Jerusalem to Muslims.

Marwan Abu Khalaf. pp. 75-79.

In Arabic

  • Markaziyat al-Quds wa Makānatuhā Fī al-Islam: (The centrality of Jerusalem and its position in Islam)

Ibrahim Zaid al-Kilani. pp. 64-41.

  • Min Wāqi‘ al-Awqāf Fī al-Quds,Fa‘āliyatIjārat al-Amlāk al-Waqfiyah Khilāl ‘Ām 1009A.H/1600 A.D: (The reality of Awqaf in Jerusalem)

Mahmoud Ali Atallah. pp. 65-93.

Volume 2, Number1: Winter 1998

In English

  • The Excellence of Jerusalem.

Kenneth Cragg. pp. 1-20.

  • Muslim Institutional Development in Jerusalem.

Michael Dumper. pp. 21-38.

  • Documents: Introduction: The 1998 Conference.

Lord Watson of Invergowrie. pp. 39-41-89.

In Arabic

  • Makān Muqadas:Qudsiyat al-Quds al-Islāmiyah (The Holiness of Islamic Jerusalem)

Karen Armstrong. pp. 1-16.

  • Al-Quds: al-Nuqtah al-Markaziyah Fī Hayāt Salāh al-Dīn: (Jerusalem: the Central Point of Saladin's Life.)

Faris Glubb. pp. 17-36.

Volume1, Number 2: Summer 1998

In English

  • The Significance of Jerusalem in Islam: an Islamic Reference

Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi. pp. 47-71.

  • Document: The Position of the Labour Party towards the Question of Jerusalem

Ernie Ross MP. pp. 73-78.

In Arabic

  • Takhrīj Ahādīth Fadā’il Bayt Al-Maqdis wa al-Masjed al-Aqsā:  (Hadith Authentication on The virtues of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque)

Ahmad Abu Halabia .pp. 51-94.

  • Mawqef Hizb Al-‘Umāl al-Barītānī Min Qadiyat al-Quds: (Document: The Position of the Labour Party towards the Question of Jerusalem)

Ernie Ross MP.pp. 95-100.

Volume 1, Number 1: Winter 1997

In English

  • Sacred Space: The Holiness of Islamic Jerusalem

Karen Armstrong.  pp. 5-20. 

  • Jerusalem as Archetype of Harmonious Islamic Urban Environment

Abdallah Schleifer. pp. 21-38.

  • Book Review: A History of Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths by KarenArmstrong, HarperCollins, London 1996, pp. 471 by: Anthony Birch

In Arabic

  • Al-Quds Fī al-Wa‘ī al-Islāmī (Jerusalem in Islamic awareness)

Yousef al-Qaradawi.  pp. 47-89.

  • Juhūd  Ba‘d ‘Ulamā’ Filastīn Fī Ri‘āyat al-Muqadasāt al-Islamiyah Fī al-Quds wa Himāyatuha: 1918-1931. (The effort of some Palestine Scholars in preserving and protection of Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem)

Muhsin Salih.  pp. 47-89.

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